Prophetic Word for 2024

Prophetic word for the British Isle & the Church for 2024

Mark Gamblin

1/1/20243 min read

Prophetic Word 2024-2025

Within the British Ilses:

Whilst waiting on God in prayer I saw the next general election. I saw the Holy Spirit calling the body of Christ to be more of a voice in the next general election (I am not suggesting taking a political side, but more in terms of prayer, intercession and decrees). I saw the Holy Spirit calling the church to be more proactive because I saw a contending of spiritual warfare over the land in relation to the election. As the church was active in prayer and standing in its voice, I saw victory in the form of a red dragon over the United Kingdom being slain by warring angels.

Also, in relation or connected to a general election, I saw a bag of money being poured out. The political spirit using money and pouring out money in an attempt for survival and maintain its existence. I further feel the use of money was being fed into political pressure groups that were seeking to pull the United Kingdom off track from where God wants it. Some of these groups seemed demonic in nature because I saw these pressure groups as round bodies but with demons at the head, falling down upon the land. As I saw this, I further felt a growing Islamic political groups seeking to gain more influence in Westminster and seeking to gain more political power.

Furthermore, possibly connected to the above, but I hear the phase ‘exposing divisions in society’ (possibly as a result of elections). However, I felt that the Lord was allowing divisions to be exposed because He didn’t want these divisions to be ‘smoothed’ over with a quick fix but rather bringing healing into the heart of issues. There may be an increase in riots in the land.

I Feel the enemy wants to play up and highlight fear in the UK. The church needing to stand and calling and speaking forth ‘peace’(1 John 4:18). Increase in fear coming from society and coming from the pulpit.

Within the Church:

I felt a shifting coming on the church- (I think may already be here). I felt the church in the UK is being sieved

“For I will give the command,
and I will shake the people of Israel
among all the nations
as grain is shaken in a sieve,
and not a pebble will reach the ground
(Amos 9.9).

Some churches, movements that exist now, may not necessary exist in the days ahead or look like how they look now. This I believe will help the church for the days ahead to be a voice for God in the nation. I think a lot of the old church will die to make room for the new. A shaking and sieving on the church, which every church movement or denominational stream will go through- (this may be more of a session as opposed to a 2024 event).

The sieving is to get the church to where it needs to be; a radiant bride without winkle or blemish. There is an increasing call for the church to mature. God is calling maturing into the church. I also believe there will be a fresh breath on independent churches that are not connected to denominational movements and the growing of house churches.

The church and to some extent the land is entering into a Jermiah 1.10 which will bring a contradiction- it is a session to let things die, to uproot, tear down and the same time a session of building and planting. People will look at aspects of church that are dead or dying and will be speaking ‘life’, ‘Resurrection’ but there will be none because the old needs to die to make room for the new and the maturing of the church.

uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant (Jermiah 1.10).

Amongst ongoing pressure/persecution, I believe God is calling the church from out of being victimised and coming under a victim mentality to being a bold voice amidst persecution, for the church to stand bold. I see a giant heavenly gate being swung open over the church- that the King of glory may fall upon the church. That the church may stand in glory- not a victim- but in the glory of God.

Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, you gates (Psalm 24.7-10).

Likewise, I believe God wants to establish strategic centres of 24 hour prayer across the country in key spiritual/geographic locations, also connecting with strategic prayer centres in Europe.

Prayer without cessing. I saw these centres of prayer almost like lighthouses, but instead of a light at the top there were beacons of fire. These fire beacons connected with other beacons, coming together, acting like a shield over the nation.

Hidden streams of prayer and rivers of prayer bubbling forth. Streams that then merge into a large river of prayer. Cross collaboration of prayer in Europe and with prayer streams in United Kingdom.