Global Shift

Prophetic insight on international relations

Mark Gamblin

1/1/20243 min read

red yellow and green flags
red yellow and green flags

Global Shift

It is clear to most people that there is a global shift taking place.

This is what I hear God saying, but first I want to give a little context.

It is impossible to sum up international relations history in a single paragraph- but this is my attempt:

If you look at global history, there are periods of time when global power is located in certain regions, the Roman Empire for example or the significance of Europe that dominated global affairs for hundreds of years which more or less came to an end with the fall of the Soviet Union.

Since the end of the Cold War the world has been in a unipolar existence- which means that there has been one single global power; the United States acting as a global hegemon. This has resulted in the United States setting global affairs since the end of the Soviet Union.

No-one expected the United States to keep its position of global hegemony for ever, because history has never shown that to be the case.

Globally we are now seeing a shift from a unipolar world into a bipolar world or even something else: a multipolar world. This within itself causes global instability- think of Europe before World War 1 with a number of European powers all in competition with one another and seeking their own survival through strength of arms.

There is a shift in global power away from the US, this shift by its nature creates international instability.

But what is God saying about this?

It is an earthly reflection of a heavenly spiritual battle. China is morphing into a global power to rival the US. Russia is attempting to assert itself for its own survival as a global actor (for a number of reasons). There is a demonic spirit behind the global shift, through China, Russia is seeking to gain more global power.

There is a pulling like a magnate together of China and Russia and within this spare of influence other nations will be pulled into their ‘club’. Iran is being pulled in, but it also wants India. We need to pray for India.

What this spirit wants is a demonic packed between China, Russia, Iran and India to start with, whilst pulling other nations into this alliance as well. This alliance will become like a magnet or a force of gravity pulling nations into their control.

Globally we are seeing a spirit of control rise its head across the world and in all sectors of society. Through Covid (which started in China) control was placed over people’s lives.

There is a seeking of control over political correctness, wokeism, cancel culture, alphabet groups, climate groups all seeking control over people to remove freedom. China, Russia and Iran are nations of control, they are dictatorships.

Furthermore, as part of the global shift, I am seeing the global economy and it’s main currency- the US dollar is being shifted to the Chinese yuan. I see China then using its economic global power for economic global control.

Satan is all about control. He wants to control people, bind them and enslave them. There are nations and groups rising and gaining more power because globally this spirit of control is gaining more traction.

Therefore, it is time for a praying church to rise. The church in the west has never had it so good- which breeds complacency and Christain’s sitting back and getting ‘fat’ from the ‘bless me’ culture.

All the while, there is a shifting and changing in the global power moving it away from values of the Bible and replacing them with control.

It is time for the church to rise and pray and start waring in prayer and intercession over the nations of the world and into the spirit of the age.

Prayers that will disrupt the alliance of China, Russia and Iran. Prayers that will pull India away from this alliance.

The Lord is calling His church into maturity and to stand and take responsibility over the land and the nations to the hold back the shift-

For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way (2 Thessalonians 2.7).

Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. You will break them with a rod of iron you will dash them to pieces like pottery” (Psalm 2.8-9).

This is a time to war over the nations, for the church to stand and pray, to evangelise, to set those under control free and to disrupt the plans of the spirit of the age and upset the plans of the enemy.

desk globe on table
desk globe on table