Equipping the Glory

Manifest Presence of God

We seek to equip and teach Christians about the manifest presence of God and encountering His glory. We additionally work as an organisation to help churches engage with and catch a hunger and fresh touch for revival.


We aim to create good, high quality education on the prophetic ministry through teaching and courses that are rooted in deep theology and Biblically centred. We want to release believers into developing the prophetic and moving deeply in the gifts of the Spirit. We teach on subjects such as understanding dreams and visions, how to see into the heavenly unseen realms, how to see and engage with the angelic. We additionally seek to develop maturity in the prophetic ministry for Christians in the UK.


As a healing ministry within the UK, we seek to teach and develop quality education on developing healing ministry in the UK church. This is primarily done through teaching and courses that are rooted in good theology. We want to release believers into seeing supernatural healing across the body of Christ.

As part of this equipping, we seek to develop, teach and raise up people in their calling in God, especially in the areas of releasing the presence of God, prophetic ministry and healing ministry. We release people into ministry areas that are in-line with the vision.